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"She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans." -Kobi Yamada

1. March 2014


Sorry, yesterday I couldn’t post my foods, I had other things so I’ll post them now.

Breakfast-lunch: Chicken & potato salad
Snack: Strawberry and blueberry protein yogurt, oatmeal & banana
Dinner: Minced meat & oat pasta

+ hot chocolate, chocolate

…and about exercise; I didn’t exercise yesterday, I didn’t have boxing and I had rest day from the gym. I just went to shopping and walked pretty much.

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28. February 2014

So as I’ve said, I have a new, personal fitblr. Now I have put there about my gym training and also my workout program and now everyone can see them. Click the link below and go read about them and press also that follow button! :)

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